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What's New in Bottlenose 2.4

by William Carr Mar 08, 2017

Merchant Admin Portal

Color-Coded Order Statuses

In addition to Pending orders being colored yellow, Cancelled orders now show in red and Ready orders show in blue.

Ready for Delivery status

Orders can now be set to "Ready for Delivery". This status sends an email to your customer asking them to schedule delivery.

Subscription Pop-Up

You can now enable a pop-up window to new visitors to your site, prompting them to sign up for your Email Marketing campaigns. You can also attach a key-based promotion t…

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Best Practices: Promo Code

by Evan Brown Feb 16, 2017

Promo Codes Grow Your Business

Offering your customers discounts using Promo Codes is a powerful way to induce customers to Buy Now! Customers like Promo Codes because they get a discount, such as Free Shipping or savings on their products or subtotal.  Retailers like Promo Codes because they're an easy way to target and track their promotions and learn about what their customers want. However, many retailers might not realize that they're doing Promo Codes the wrong way.

The Wrong Way: An Input Bo…

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What's New in Bottlenose 2.3

by Evan Brown Feb 01, 2017

Bottlenose has just released version 2.3 of our platform, which brings new features, improvements and fixes.

For Customers

Improved Visibility of Promotions

Customers who trigger a Promotion will now see the Promotion name listed with the order total in their cart, during checkout, and on their receipt. Also, if a Promotion has discounted a Product, the customer will see the original price of the Product and their savings in their cart.

Pre-Arrivals & Futures

Products with these attributes now offer…

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Bottlenose 2.2 Released

by William Carr Dec 22, 2016

What's New

  • Products may be designated as future/pre-arrival
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Delete and edit critic reviews
  • USPS Shipping service for paper goods
  • Buy a case button
  • Move buy button above fold for mobile devices
  • Prompt consumers to subscribe to email list on receipt screen
  • Promotion Engine administration enhancements
    • Drag to change sort order
    • Inactive/active toggle
    • Create key triggered promotions (https://www.mywinestore.com/save10)
    • Attach promotion to E-mail subscribe
    • Record promotion_id with order
    • D…
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New Features in Bottlenose 2.1

by Evan Brown Dec 08, 2016

Bottlenose has just released version 2.1 of our platform, bringing with it a host of improvements.

Promotion Engine Expanded

This release saw changes and improvements to our Promotion Engine:

Product Group Trigger

Promotions can now be triggered on Products based on their Product Group. Now you can offer discounts or free shipping for a select Group of Products.

Case Discounts

Case Discounts have been folded into the Promotion Engine. You can assign a discount percentage to Wine, Sparkling Wine and/or…

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Pick-up at Store: just makes "cents"

by Howard Morrison Jan 04, 2017

Shopping online, with a "Pick up at Store" option is a growing trend, gaining momentum steadily as consumers search for quickness and efficiency.  In their lives, use of smart phones has produced an explosion of online activity while, ironically, it has dampened enthusiasm for actual telephone calls which are less time efficient.

If you have been holding back on adding a "Pick up at Store" ordering option, now is a great time to reconsider. While consumers love the ease of online shoppin…

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Dealing with fraudulent online orders

by Howard Morrison Nov 21, 2016

It is possible to receive a fraudulent online order even when preventative measures are taken, such as using a PCI Compliant Payment Gateway. Every merchant should examine orders from unknown purchasers carefully. Check for inconsistencies. If the phone number, bill to, ship to, and email address do not seem to match, get the order verified. If the product ordered seems suspicious, such as for Christal Champagne, and/or the requested delivery is Overnight or 2nd Day, it's best to verify. Typical…

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7 Website Errors for Merchants to Avoid

by Evan Brown Nov 22, 2016

Website is not mobile optimized

More than 25% of today's wine & spirits purchases are made using a mobile device. If your website can't provide a pleasing mobile experience to your customers, they will go elsewhere and find another site that can.

Incomplete product information

In your store, they can read labels and signage, or consult with your staff. On your website, customers only know what you show them on the screen. If you're not providing every detail you can, your customer will be less move…

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