Yes... Include Vintages and Everyday Products

Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
by Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
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It is in your best interest to list vintages on most of your wine products. Notable exceptions would be non-vintage wines such as champagnes and lower budget bargain wines. Examples are Barefoot wines and other Gallo products which do not provide a vintage. All other wines, which annually harvest grapes for a production from that year, should be listed with their vintage. Wines with vintages provide shoppers with specificity and confidence to purchase since critic reviews and scores, as well as winery descriptions, are vintage specific. In addition, search engines such as Google reward websites with robust, accurate content that produces more search activity from shoppers.

What a difference a year makes. In the following examples, notice the varying critic reviews and winery descriptions as the vintages change.

It is in your best interest to list most if not all of your everyday products, such as Yellow Tail, Svedka Vodka, and Coors Beer. In the wine & spirits industry, many retailers believe that everyday in-store 'sellers' do not need to be on their website. "Everyone knows that I carry that, there is no need to list it. It's doubtful the customer will order it for Pick up at Store.  They like to just come into the store and purchase."

Reality is that Millennial and Gen X generations habitually shop for all products of interest on a website to confirm that what they want is in stock and at a fair price. Increasingly, they are placing online orders for Pick up at Store to save time and assure product availability upon arrival at the store. This represents a fundamental shift in online shopping habits. If you want to succeed online, don't try to pre-determine how your customer must shop on your website. Give customers all of their options.

Strategically, merchants can leverage everyday products to build their website traffic, which leads to increased sales on higher priced items. Whether mentioned in your mixed case discount program or offered at a discounted price, everyday products belong on your website.

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