• 250 Premium Managed Products
  • Responsive Template
  • 250 Email Subscribers



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  • 500 Premium Managed Products
  • Responsive Template
  • 500 Email Subscribers
  • Shopping Cart



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  • 750 Premium Managed Products
  • Custom Design
  • 750 Email Subscribers
  • Shopping Cart



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Basic eCommerce Custom
Fully Responsive Design
Tuned SEO
Enhanced Content Management
Built-in Email Marketing
Shopping Cart
Developers On-Demand
Custom Design
Premium Products Included 250 500 750
Email Subscribers Included 250 500 750
One-Time Setup $495 $2,995
Monthly Price $99 $325 $450

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Common Questions

My inventory is made up of thousands of products, can I have all of them on my Bottlenose powered site?

Yes! You can have an unlimited number of products and types of products (alcohol, gourmet food, accessories, etc) in your inventory. Your website is kept up-to-date reflecting the most recent inventory submitted. Only products with a positive on hand quantity are placed online, ignoring any products that have a zero on hand quantity. If you have a POS system from ICS Vision or Atlantic Systems Spirits, we have integration that automatically uploads your inventory for you.

If I can have my whole inventory online, then what are the "Premium Managed Product" limits in your pricing?

Premium Managed Products are products the Bottlenose staff continually updates with fresh new available information. Information includes categorizing, inserting images, descriptions, critic reviews from WS, WA, WE. You can add / delete products at no extra charge, such as when vintage changes occur. You can have as many Premium products as they wish. If you choose more than the included amount, then add $20mo for each 50 product increment. Premium charges are required to be at least 25% of the total products online.

Do the products in my inventory not chosen by me to be a Premium Managed Product have information, reviews or images?

Yes. Bottlenose staff inserts available information from our common (shared) database of products on all items not indicated to be Premium Managed Products by you. These products are included at no extra charge.

I have a large email list. What are the limits in marketing to my list?

Bottlenose believes a robust email marketing system is critical to your success online! That's why we allow you to send as many email campaigns as you can dream up! We also believe the bigger the email list the better. If you grow beyond the included number of email subscribers included in your pricing tier, the cost is $10.00 month per 1,000 subscriber increment. Our email marketing system allows you to create great campaigns promoting products with complete details and buy button in 5 to 10 minutes. The system is built to work great on cell phones too!

I hear over 25% of wine & spirits industry orders placed are from consumers using a cell phone! Will my website work on cell phones and tablets?

All of our Bottlenose site options are built using Responsive Design meaning Bottlenose shoppers have a great shopping experience regardless of the device they are using - desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone!

My customers come in all flavors, some want me to remember their credit cards, some want to shop without creating yet another account...

We have you covered either way! Bottlenose allows users who want to create accounts so they may save time ordering their wine by reusing credit cards and shipping information or reviewing their order history when they can't remember the name of that last bottle that blew them away. Of course we have noticed over 25% of wine & spirits orders placed are from consumers who use the guest checkout feature, strongly preferring not to create an account. For those users, Bottlenose optimizes our checkout to allow them to place guest orders in a minimum amount of clicks.

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