Product Management

Your Products + Our team of experts = Perfect product listings with minimal effort.

Here's what you get:

Product Name

A clean, consistent name for all of your products, including brand, title and vintage (or age if it's a spirit). And if it's an odd size, we'll include that too.


Professional-grade images of your product, presented in a uniform way on a uniform background. Sized to fit the page, and the device, it's viewed on.


The most recent critic reviews for your product from Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. Write your own reviews? We've got room for those, too.


The official description of your product from the producer or distributor.


A concise category for your product. (ie "Red Wine", "Single Malt Scotch", "Imperial IPA", etc.)


A three-tiered hierarchy of your product's production origin. In the case of wine, this would usually be country, region, and appellation.


The varietal composition of wine products. We are as specific as possible, and will even include the percentage breakdown when it's available.


Kosher? Biodynamic? Organic? Sustainably Grown? Screw Cap? No Sulfites? There's a badge for that.

Alcohol Content

Something your customers can easily find when they're in-store, but often overlooked on the web.

Here's what it looks like:

Product pages look good with the right details. Products that look good sell more.

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