Inventory Management

Bottlenose makes it easy to keep your website accurate and up-to-date.

We work with your POS

Direct integration with industry leaders. Flexible import for the rest.

Direct Integration

Bottlenose has direct integration with ICS Vision and ASI Spirits 2000. Inventory info can be automatically uploaded to your website, and order data can be exported back to the POS.

Flexible CSV Import

If you don't use one of our integrated POS systems, we still make .

Direct Integration

We work with industry leading POS systems to give you the most accurate website possible.

ICS Vision

Bottlenose supports inventory extracts and the VisionLink API to ensure that inventory and order data is seamlessly exchanged. Mark products for the web in Vision and they will automatically appear on the website. Plus, web orders automatically appear in Vision.

ASI Spirits 2000

Bottlenose is integrated with Spirits 2000's Web Polling, which ensures both your website and POS stay in sync. Web Polling periodically connects to Bottlenose servers, dropping off inventory data and picking up order data. There is no limit on how often you connect.

CSV Import

If your POS can export a file, we can make it work for your website. We support CSV uploads, and can help you convert tab-separated files, Excel Spreadsheets, and just about anything else. We can read the following required and optional fields:

SKU required

A unique identifier for the Product in your POS system.

Description required

The name of the product, with sufficient detail to allow our staff to identify it.

Price required

The price that the Product is to be sold for online.

Inventory required

The quantity available for sale on the website.

Management Level

We assume you want Product Management for all of your Products, but if not, we can parse your file.

Pack Size

The number of units that make up the Product, such as 6-Packs of Beer or a solid case of Wine.

Sale Price

A special discounted price for the Product, which will be shown separately to consumers.


The quantity that the Product is allowed to sell down to. Set to a positive number to reserve inventory in-store, or a negative to sell virtually.

Bottlenose can tailor an upload routine to match your file so that you can export and upload quickly.

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