The Holiday Shopper Mindset - Give Me Convenience & Speed, I'm In a Hurry

Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
by Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
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A successful holiday sales season begins with getting your eCommerce pieces in place in October. This month, our blog series will focus on the tactics, tools, and tips you need to start planning and executing an eCommerce strategy that will yield positive results when the holiday season is in full swing.

First, it is important to recognize that during the holidays your customers are likely to put speed and convenience at the top of their list of priorities when choosing how and where to shop. Hectic holiday schedules and the need to multitask can add stress to the shopper making them easily aggravated by using eCommence websites that are not easy, quick and intuitive to use.


Pick Up In Store

Giving your shoppers the ability to purchase online, especially from a mobile device, and have it ready to pick up at the store will save your customers valuable time in the increasingly frantic buildup to the holidays. Making "Pick up something on the way home" for that last minute gathering simple and stress free will earn customer loyalty once the holidays are just happy memories.

Local Delivery

Nothing helps the planning and execution of holiday parties like easy online ordering and reliable local delivery.

Gift Receipts & Notes

A shopper splurges on that expensive Bordeaux as a gift. Having an eCommerce site that allows them to add a personal note is attractive to potential customers. On the other hand, a packing slip or receipt that shows the price could ruin it. Or at a minimum make a great gift seem tacky. The ability to choose a gift receipt or packing slip is mandatory.


Responsive Design

These days, a large percentage of holiday shopping happens on the go. A seamless eCommerce experience despite what device a shopper is using is critical. Responsive design provides a fast, performant platform that feels familiar on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Fast, Accurate Search Suggest

Gift shopping requires customers get accurate results searching for a specific product they may not be familiar with. Having a site where the search returns suggestions that are complete and accurate help reassure the shopper that they have found the product they are looking for. By including all of the major search criteria, customers are able to quickly locate their product ideally using:

  • Category (Wine, Spirits, Beer, Accessories)

  • Price

  • Size/Pack

  • If a Wine product

    • Varietal

    • Country

    • Region

    • Appellation

    • Brand

    • Attributes

    • Vintage

    • Publications

Critic Reviews and Images

"I know they like red wine..." Often times holiday shopping requires making a choice between similar products in a product class. Reviews and images allow meaningful comparisons, even by novices, and can inspire a purchase with confidence that will leave the customer with a positive impression that will encourage repeat visits.

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