What's New In Bottlenose 2.8

Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
by Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
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Sales On The Go

First, a note from the Bottlenose team:

At Bottlenose our top priority is to be your partner in building a successful online presence that compliments and expands your brick and mortar operation. We believe that in order to do this, transparency is the primary building block for that relationship. With that in mind, we wanted to address the bumpy roll out of our 2.8 feature release these last couple of weeks. In hindsight, we could have done a better job making feature decisions that would have resulted in a smoother release. We decided to do a complete rewrite of the user interface in order to improve our platform for the fastest growing wine and spirits sector for our stores, mobile sales. To complicate that large undertaking, we also bundled some long requested features for store owners beyond the user interface scope. The result is that we created a very large amount of new code to test and release and some bugs slipped through our process. Rest assured that we are reviewing what went wrong and how we can improve our feature release planning as well as our testing procedures going forward.  

We sincerely apologize to those whose time and business were effected by the bugs.

Now on to the release...

Mobile design is important for any website these days, but perhaps in no market is it more important than the growing local retail eCommerce space. Shoppers are increasingly looking towards their smart phones and tablets to help them maximize their shrinking free time and are showing their preference to buy from retailers who provide a simple, satisfying mobile shopping experience that allows them to quickly order on-the-go and have their wine, beer or spirits delivered to their home or ready for in-store pickup. This trend is visible not only in national beverage industry data, but in our own Bottlenose customers online shops where mobile shoppers continue to account for large boosts in online sales. 

At Bottlenose we set out to focus our latest feature release on bringing the best mobile design practices to our customers websites. We did this with a complete rebuild of the user experience making it easier for shoppers visiting from their smart phones or tablets to navigate to the wine, beer or spirit they were searching for and buying it without ever looking up from their device. By choosing a responsive design framework to accomplish the redesign, we were able to choose user experience improvements that did not sacrifice search engine optimization performance (SEO).

Finally, by tackling a feature release this large, it gave us a chance to bundle a lot of requests from you, our customers, into the release as well. In all, we hope you will find our 2.8 product release as exciting as we do. While a lot of the changes might not jump out to the eye at first, we believe that the underlying improvements for mobile users will begin to show themselves in your sales in the near future. 

Consumer Website

  • IMPROVED - Full rebuild of responsive design framework for optimized mobile performance

  • IMPROVED - Create higher-res default slides and convert embedded text to caption for slide shows

  • FIXED - Billing address disappears on mobile

Admin Interface

  • ADDED -"Page" Asset type for non-blog content

  • ADDED - Shopping Feeds Integrations Dashboard for Admin Area

  • IMPROVED - "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" for Campaign Editor

  • IMPROVED - Update Product Pie Chart Labels

  • SECURITY - As merchant view client IP address/UserAgent info used when order was placed.

Email Marketing

  • ADDED - As a merchant target email campaigns to "smart lists"

  • ADDED - Create "Customers" smart list.

  • ADDED - Include Social Media icons in Email Template

Product Management

  • ADDED - Make Products without size set unavailable

  • ADDED - Available quantity to Vivino feed

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