Platform Development Road Map

We are often asked by current and prospective customers about when (or if) features they would like to see built into the Bottlenose platform will be available for use on their eCommerce stores. We believe our customers have a right to know when we believe a feature is on track to become part of the Bottlenose solution. Our goal is to make your online wine and spirit shop to be as successful as you want it to be. We know this requires us working with merchants to understand their business needs and to build the tools that allow our platform to support those business cases.

And for all of these reasons, we are committed to being transparent with our platform development roadmap.

Recently Completed:
  • Add and update store logo from admin dashboard
  • Check product inventory levels during checkout
  • Enable Doc-Tab format for Zebra printer
  • Display local delivery details to shoppers with delivery zone labels
  • Authroize.Net payment gateway support
  • Cleanup and simplify shopping cart screen for mobile devices
  • Added QR code to shelf talker so in store shoppers can view product details on their mobile devices
  • Added support for GSO shipping API
  • Allow merchant customizable age verification failure page
  • Improved region display on product detail page
  • Improved SEO indexing from better missing product handling
  • Show Google map link for order addresses to help prevent fraud
Working On:
  • Complete redesign of email marketing editor
  • New manage email marketing subscriber functions
  • Add ability to segment email marketing list with tags
  • Import/Export functions for email marketing subscriber list
Next Up:
  • Improved shopping carts
  • Improved checkout process
  • Add delivery tipping at time of purchase
  • Save for later shopping carts
  • Recover abandoned shopping carts
  • Add weather hold options
  • Optional Vintage Change OK option in shopping cart
  • Optional SMS order notifications
  • New ways to filter and sort orders
  • Add optional display social media feeds widget
  • Allow merchants to order/weight navigation options
  • Allow slideshows to be archived for future use
  • Create slide library to build slideshows from
  • Allow merchant to add multiple images for a product
  • Allow merchant to set minimum review score to be shown
  • Create search for merchant to find products without images
  • Sort products by popularity
  • Allow merchant to add or remove single products without upload
  • Allow creation of hidden product groups
  • Full Case Discounting
  • Upload monthly sales flyers as slide
  • Allow Flat Rate Shipping option for promotions
  • Add options for highlighting promotions on product detail page
  • Additional POS integrations
  • Add Vivino scores via API
  • Allow merchant to edit meta data
  • Allow merchant to edit with Google Tags
  • Display analytics link and base display on admin dashboard
  • Improve store staff management
  • Improve store email management
  • Allow recurring event creation
  • Create event categories and allow events to display by category

Past Release Notes