Promotion Engine

Our simple interface gives you a powerful toolkit to craft promotions and make more sales.


Create and manage promotions yourself, right from your Admin Area. No waiting on a developer.


Combine triggers and benefits to craft the perfect offer, as broad or as targetted as you need.


Promotions are integrated with the shopping experience, so your customers can't miss them.


Easy to Create

With the Bottlenose Promotion Engine, you create your own Promotions right in your Admin Area. There's no waiting for your web team to implement, and no costs for development time. Just give it a name and plug in the details.

Easy to Manage

Has your promotion run it's course? No problem. You can delete a promotion for good, or you can just disable one until you need to use it again. Need to tweak the details? You can change a promotion whenever you need to.



The Bottlenose Promotion Engine allows you to incentivize customers the way you see fit:

  • Free Shipping: Offer free ground shipping.
  • Percentage Discount: Take a percentage discount off.
  • Flat Discount: Apply a flat discount to the order subtotal.

Benefits can be applied to the whole order, or just the products that qualify.


Triggers help you target your Promotion to the customers, products and orders you want:

  • Minimum Purchase: Require a minimum $ amount.
  • Mixed-Case: Triggered on a case or more.
  • URL: A handy URL to use in an email or traditional media. (e.g.
  • Subscibe: Kicks in for new subscribers to your email newsletter.
  • Product Group: Choose the only the Products you want to be eligible.
  • Location: Only good in a certain state/zip code.
  • Time Range: For a limited time only!


Our Promotion Engine is the product of years of experience and the latest research in consumer behavior.


Combine Promotions with our Slideshow, Product Groups and other tools. It's easy to show off your Promotions to your customers.


Triggered promotions are shown to the customers during checkout, so they'll know exactly the savings they're getting.


No promo codes required. Our Promotions can be triggered without a code so that your customers don't leave your site to find one.

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