Content Management

The best way to distinguish your site on the web is the same thing you do in store: be yourself.

Search engines love unique, fresh content and adding your personal touch is the best way to distinguish yourself from the next guy. With Bottlenose, we make it easy to tell your customers about the products you sell and everything that makes your store special.


Engage customers for miles around by posting about sales and events you have in-store and online.

Hosting a tasting? Throwing a wine dinner? It only takes a minute to post all of your events with Bottlenose. You'll be surprised how foot-traffic jumps when you get the word out.


Your personality and expertise keep people coming back to your store. Bring it online with Bottlenose.

Our Blog Management interface is simple and elegant. It's designed to allow you to quickly create beautiful posts without getting in your way. If you've got something to say, we want to help you say it.


Get your customers' attention with eye-grabbing promotions, right out front.

With Bottlenose, to create an awesome slideshow, all you have to do is drag and drop. Images scale to fit any device and can be linked to any content you want. It's easy to put your most important content front and center.

Product Sliders

A slideshow for your most important products, right on the front page.

Promote dozens of products without cluttering up the experiencing. Bottlenose's responsive Product Sliders are easy to navigate and allow you to group Products into promotions and areas of customer interest. Just drag and drop and you've got an intuitive experience in seconds.

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