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Research has found that the descriptions in wine labels, images and reviews can actually alter people’s emotions, even encouraging them to pay more for a bottle. Your online customers can't hold the bottle in their hand, so if your website doesn't provide complete, precise details about the products you sell, you're missing sales. The name of the wine and price is just not enough, people want to know more, and that's where a lot of online wine and spirit shops fail.

Gathering content for all of your products and uploading it to your website is a time consuming chore. You didn't get into this business to do data entry. With Bottlenose Product Management, let our team of trained experts handle putting your products online. Building on an extensive database of information that is constantly growing, products are described clearly and completely, including detailed images, descriptions and critic reviews. Your customers get a wealth of product images and information with every search which gives them the confidence they need to make a purchase quickly.

Additionally, Bottlenose saves you even more time by making it easy to use the information in your brick and mortar store with our shelf talker export feature.

Bottlenose Product Management keeps you focused on growing your business, not searching, copying and pasting.

We often get questions about our Product Management. We understand, there is a lot going on running a brick and mortar shop and an eCommerce site. Here are our answers to the three most common questions.

What is Bottlenose Product Management?

Bottlenose Product Management allows the merchant to leverage the Bottlenose Platform's massive collection of product images, descriptions and reviews to present a rich, compelling search and purchase experience for the online shopper. The merchant simply needs to upload their inventory from their POS system, automatically if using one of the Bottlenose integrated POS systems, or using our simple upload tools in the Bottlenose administrative area. While the merchant's POS will provide important details like price and quantity on hand for products, Bottlenose Product Management provides descriptions, images, leading publication reviews and more. If you are a merchant who likes to add their own details, even better. You can augment or replace any data for a product and those changes are available only to your store. While our expert team of of product managers works around the clock to keep products up to date, choose our Premium Product Management and you can request a products information be refreshed at any time using the latest data, images and reviews available. Premium management is especially useful for vintage wines and sprits with ages.

Why is Bottlenose Product Management critical to success online?

In eCommerce, Revenue = Success.

Revenue is the result of products being easily found from search, then effectively presented to the customer with all of the information they need to make the decision to click the "buy" button. Beyond descriptions, images and reviews, Bottlenose Product Management adds details about category, region, grape varietals, vintages, and more - all important information to make searches return the right products (and helps get your products to the top of the search engine heap - but we will save SEO for another blog). Customer satisfaction is improved when customers find what they are looking for, and then experience the immersive information our product management provides that allows them to dive into their selection and get excited to purchase, the virtual equivalent of holding the bottle in their hand. And happy customers equal more revenue. We believe that it why Bottlenose Product Management is the cornerstone for online success.

Does Bottlenose Product Management help my site follow best practices?

By following Best Practices, merchants greatly improve their chances of making a sale and building loyalty with their customers. Bottlenose Product Management makes it simple for a merchant to follow best practices without spending all day on Google and doing data entry.

Responsibility of the merchant:

Bottlenose Product Management provides:

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