What's New with Bottlenose Release 2.11

Christie Johnston (Unlicensed)
by Christie Johnston (Unlicensed)
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Consumer Website

  • ADDED - When ID and DOB are required to place order, boxes appear under credit card entry

  • ADDED - When User Way accessibility widget is enabled, Consumer can use to improve shopping experience.

  • ADDED - Google map widget on the home page to show all locations

  • ADDED - Gluten Free and Vegan product attribute

Admin Interface

  • ADDED - Merchant can configure orders to require government issued ID and DOB

  • ADDED - Merchant can select List Mode when setting up a product group so the items will display as a number list.

  • ADDED - Merchant can configure delivery windows to require shoppers to select a specific time window during check out.

  • ADDED - Merchant can configure when their online store post an order to POS

  • ADDED - Wine Ring Integration

  • ADDED - NCR CounterPoint Integration

  • ADDED - User Way accessibility widget


  • If no delivery window configuration is available, do not show headers to shopper

  • Ability to capture email campaign sales

  • If consumer has multiple shopping carts, the carts are combined in the abandoned cart email notifications.

  • When shopper uses a 9 digit zip code, make the local delivery option available.

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