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Why Bottlenose Product Management Works

Research has found that the descriptions in wine labels, images and reviews can actually alter people’s emotions, even encouraging them to pay more for a bottle. Your online customers can't hold the bottle in their hand, so if your website doesn't provide complete, precise details about the products you sell, you're missing sales.

Gathering content for all of your products and uploading it to your website is a time consuming chore. You didn't get into this business to do data entry. With Bottlenose Product Management, let our team of trained experts handle putting your products online.

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18 years experience optimizing for search engines

Customers aren't the only ones visiting your website. Search engines are constantly visiting your site and deciding how relevant your content is to your customer's search terms. With Bottlenose Product Management, we provide the rich data that search engines look for: Big images. Keyword-rich categorization and classification. Comprehensive descriptions and critic reviews. And more. Customers love these things, but Search Engines eat it right up.

Additionally, Bottlenose sites provide out-of-the-box shopping feeds for most major shopping search engines like Wine-Searcher, Google Shopping and eBay as well as mobile app based shopping tools like Vivino.

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One simple interface for email marketing and promotions

An email campaign will supercharge your sales. Whether it's one product or every product you sell, put your deals right in your customers inbox. With our high-delivery rates, your customers can't miss them.

Creating an email rich with images and descriptions to send to your entire list takes just a few minutes with our email campaign editor and Bottlenose Product Management. A few words here, a drag-and-drop there and you're done. No more copying and pasting into third-party email services.

Want to kick that offer up another notch? With our Bottlenose Promotion Engine, you create your own Promotions right in your Admin Area. There's no waiting for your web team to implement, and no costs for development time. Just give it a name and plug in the details. Promotions are integrated with the shopping experience, so your customers can't miss them.

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All devices. All features. All the time.

Responsive design and peace of mind

Every website is built on our responsive platform, so your website is built with every device in mind. It isn't compromised or stripped-down for phones and tablets. It's the same website; and it's smart enough to look good on any device. Bottlenose leverages everything the cloud has to offer. That means when we add a feature, you get it. Right away. And as your business grows, our infrastructure scales to meet traffic demands, automatically.

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  • Maximize your online potential.

    We've been bringing beverage merchants online for almost two decades. We know how to help you achieve your online goals.

  • Get online quickly and painlessly.

    We do hosting, domain registration, email, credit card processing, and more. Whether you have an existing website, or you're starting from scratch, we will get your Bottlenose site open for business in a snap.

  • Play well with others.

    We integrate with ICS Vision and ASI Spirits 2000 POS, and can feed your inventory to Wine-Searcher, Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, and many more.

  • Keep up with emerging trends.

    Your website is built on top of our platform, and we're adding features every day. We're constantly striving to make our platform and your store better.

  • Get the best value.

    Our tiered pricing combined with our premium web platform is an unbeatable value. Pay for only as much of our expertise as you need.

  • We're here to help.

    We take pride in our customer service. If you have a problem or a question, a real person is going to help you out.

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